Debt Collection in Vietnam

Debt Collection in Vietnam

Requesting the late payment will always be difficulty and time consuming, especially debtors have experiences for over-due money. Depending on the nature of the transaction arising late payment, it is divided to three cases: (i) civil transactions; (ii) commercial transactions, (iii) cases having criminal elements. For each case, the legal framework will be different for implementation and the competent agencies solving also differ. Then, the first step is to decide what kind the case being belong to.

Regarding to civil transactions and commercial transactions, it is regularly based on the agreements between parties through contracts, agreement in oral. They are normally borrower and lender or buyer and seller including goods, services. To requesting late payment, the creditor need to show (i) there are legal agreements; (ii) the breaking the agreements. The collection methods will begin from issuing letter of demand, telephone calls, email, physical site inspection and initiation of litigation process. After getting the valuable judgments from the Court, the properties and assets of the obligator shall be solved to pay for the creditor.

For the case having criminal elements, the case have to bring to the police to investigate and in quire. After having the result from police, the case is transferred to the People’s Procuracy and Court to decide and issue the sentences. The creditor must to show that their interests and rights are violated by the illegal activities of the debtors. If the evidences are not clear and unsuitable, the debtors can initiate the creditors. Therefore, it is necessary to consider twice to bring the case to the police because it is the double-edged sword.

DB Legal which is equipped with mediation, alternative dispute resolution skill will help handle all kinds of debt. We act for person or small and large commercial enterprises recovering the debts. Our aim is to collect the debt as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


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