Translation and Notarization and Legalization Services in Da Nang

When the clients use foreign documents for their business, marriage, divorce or other administrative procedures in Vietnam, it is necessary to translate and notarize and legalize these documents in order that these documents can be used legally. It is because a document that is official and legal in one country is not necessarily official and legal in another. Many documents must therefore be legalised if you wish to use them abroad.

The legalization/Notarization process involves checking the origin of the relevant document. Legalization is official confirmation that the signature of the civil servant that has signed a document, or the seal or stamp on the document, is legitimate. Besides, it is not only the signature of the person that has issued the document that is legalized, the process can also legalize the signature of the legalizing registrar. Every signature, every seal and every stamp will be legalized by the person authorized to do so and who is familiar with each signature, seal or stamp. This explains why various legalizations are sometimes required, in a specific order.

DBLegal provides a full range of translation, notarization and legalization services to individuals and companies in Danang, Hoian, Hue and other provinces in Central Vietnam. We offers certified translation/legalization/notarization of various types of documents and notarization and legalization according to the Law of Vietnam. We assign a team of expert translators with diverse specialties to each project in order to ensure impeccable quality and minimal turnaround. Our expertise includes: Business Certificate, Investment Certificate, Contracts, Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Power of Attorney, University Degrees, Licenses.


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