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Marriage may be the wonderfull event in each person life and certificate of marriage registration is likely to the legal document showing the love. In contrast, the divorce will be the hardess decision ending the marriage period and husband and wife have to give their opinion about their children, common properties and the obligation of debt (if any).

For the foreigners living in Vietnam, it is difficulty for them to face the complex legal barries and time-comsuming administrative formalities when they intend to marry with the local or foreigner or divorce or doing some legal procedures related to the family elements.

DBLegal recognise the need of legal advisors and their legal interests to be protected. Therefore, our family lawyers are trained to handle cross-borders family disputes for the local and international clients. We aim to protect the rights and provide practical solutions. We can advise and represent clients on the following areas:

Marriage Registration:

There are five steps to getting marriage having foreign elements in Vietnam, including: (i) submiting the application of the marriage registration; (ii) Committee division of Justice assess and verify; (iii) Interview (some particular situations); (iv) the president of People’s Committee of district sign the original of marriage license; (v) granting marriage licenses. It will take at least 13 working days to get the certificate of marriage registration in Vietnam.

Divorce Processes

Divorce proceedings is a extremely difficult and life-changing experience. As family lawyers, we understand the emotional impacts of divorce have on mind and soul to both spouses and especially their children (if they have). We are committed to walking alongside during the divorce proceedings and to assist you to make siutable decisions that will help you and your children move forward positively with your lives.

The divorce processe will be solved in the court in Vietnam. The husband and wife however can decide the common properties and children and other issues related to their marriage before the jury make their decision if two parties cannot reach the agreement.

Child Adoption

We understand that adopting a child is the important matter of your life because it will change your life and your child’s life. We seek to take you through the process and legal implications of adopting a child to assist you in making the right decisions.

We will advise and assess whether you are suitable to adopt a child in Vietnam. Our services include application to the provincial-level Justice Department, representing working with the provincial-level Justice Department,  the provincial-level People's Committee for the adoption procedures.

Prenuptial Agreements

Nobody want to think about divorce before getting married, but noboby knows what happens in the future. Therefore, some people choose have prenuptial agreements before signing the certificate of marriage registration to protect their properties and assets. Besides, in case the spouse would like to divorce, it will be time-saving in solving their case, because the important issues (properties and assests) are done by prenuptial agreements.

Our family lawyers are able to advise and tailor specific agreements to cater to the wishes of you and your partner prior or pursuant to a marriage.

Financial and Property Settlement

You may wish to explore negotiations or settlement with our advice and assistance, in case your family is presently facing a dispute on property and financial matters. Alternatively, DBLegal can give adivse in order to understand your rights and interests as a family member in the entire matter.

Legal Wills

It is important that your wishes pertaining to your assets and properties are conveyed accurately and precisely in your last Will to avoid future misunderstandings amongst your family members. Our family lawyers are able to draft and reveiw the wills and support to make the wills to be legal in Vietnam.


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