Procedures for registering a marriage with a Vietnamese in Vietnam

Foreigners may face complex legal frameworks in marriage registration in Vietnam. It is because there are much more differences in the act of legislation of countries. Therefore, it is necessary to have lawyers in order that you can complete the procedures effectively and time-saving

Requirements and conditions for implementation

- Male from full 20 years old, female from complete 18 years old;

- Marriage is decided by the man and the woman voluntarily;

- The parties do not lose their civil act capacity;

- Vietnamese citizens residing abroad must have a residence permit issued by a foreign competent authority.

- Marriage does not fall into one of the cases where Marriage is prohibited as prescribed at Points a, b, c, and d, Clause 2, Article 5 of the Vietnam Law on Marriage and Family, including:

+ Fake Marriage;

+ Child marriage, forced Marriage, cheating on Marriage, obstructing Marriage;

+ A person who is married or married but marries another person or is unmarried or unmarried but marries a person who is married or has a wife;

+ Marriage between people of the same direct bloodline; among people with surnames within three generations; between adoptive parents and adopted children; between a person who used to be a father, an adoptive mother with an adopted child, a father-in-law with a daughter-in-law, a mother-in-law with a son-in-law, a stepfather with a stepchild of a wife, a stepmother with a stepchild of a husband.

* The state does not recognize Marriage between people of the same sex.

Marriage process

- The person who requests marriage registration shall submit the marriage registration dossier to the competent district-level People's Committee.

- The recipient is responsible for immediately checking the entire dossier, comparing the information in the declaration and the validity of the papers in the dossier submitted and presented by the requester.

- If the application is complete and valid, the person receiving the application shall write a receipt clearly stating the date and time of returning the results; if the dossier is incomplete or incomplete, the applicant shall immediately instruct the applicant to supplement and complete the application according to regulations; In case it is not possible to supply or complete the dossier immediately, the recipient must make a guiding document, clearly stating the types of papers and contents to be supplemented, completed, signed, written the full name of the recipient

- The Justice Department conducts research and verification of marriage registration documents. In case there is a complaint or denunciation that the Marriage is not eligible for Marriage under the provisions of the Law on Marriage and Family, or it is found that there is a problem that needs to be clarified about the identity of the male or female party or the documents in the application of marriage registration dossiers, the Justice Division shall coordinate with relevant agencies in verifying and clarifying. In ascertaining records, if necessary, the Justice Department will work directly with the parties to define their identities, voluntary Marriage, and marriage purposes.

- If the documents are found to be valid, the parties are eligible to get married under the provisions of the Law on Marriage and Family and are not subject to the case of refusal to register their Marriage as prescribed; the Justice Division shall report to the Chairman of the district-level People's Committee consider and decide. If the President of the People's Committee agrees to settle, sign 02 originals of the marriage certificate.

- The Justice Department organizes the awarding of marriage certificates to both male and female parties.

- When registering the Marriage, both men and women must be present at the headquarters of the People's Committee, and civil status officers shall consult the male and female parties to sign in the Marriage Register Book. The civil status officer shall guide the male and female parties to check the contents of the marriage certificate and the marriage registration book. The civil status officer with both male and female parties to sign in the Book; Both male and female parties sign the Marriage Certificate.

In case one or both male and female parties cannot be present to receive the marriage certificate, at their written request, the Justice Division shall extend the time limit for granting the marriage certificate but not exceeding 60 days, counting from the date the President of the district-level People's Committee signs the marriage certificate.

After 60 days, if the man and woman do not come to receive the marriage certificate, the Justice Division shall report to the President of the district-level People's Committee to cancel the signed marriage certificate. If the two parties still want to get married, they must carry out the marriage registration procedure from the beginning.

Prepare Documents:

Types of Document

Quantity (Original or Notarised copy)

- Marriage registration declaration form, with sufficient information of both male and female parties. Both male and female parties can make a joint declaration of marriage registration; 

 Original: 01

- A certificate from a competent Vietnamese or foreign medical organization certifying that the married parties do not suffer from mental illness or other diseases without the ability to perceive and control their acts; 

 Original: 01

- Papers proving the marital status of the foreigner issued by the competent authority of the country of which he is a citizen are still valid, certifying that he is currently unmarried; in case the foreign country does not issue a certificate of marital status, it shall be replaced with a document issued by a foreign competent authority certifying that the person is eligible for Marriage according to the law of that country. 

Original: 01

The use value of papers proving the foreigner's marital status shall be determined according to the time limit stated on documenters. If the documents proving marital status do not indicate the expiry date, these papers and the medical organization's certification are valid for six months from the date of issue.

Original: 01

- Foreigners and Vietnamese citizens residing abroad must submit a copy of their passport/passport replacement document.

Notarised copy: 01

In addition to the above documents, depending on the case, the male and female parties must submit or present the following corresponding documents:

- Vietnamese citizens who have divorced or annulled their Marriage at a competent foreign agency must submit a copy of the civil status extract about the divorce or illegal Marriage (annulment recorded in the book divorce notes);

Notarised copy: 01

- Vietnamese citizens who are civil servants, public employees, or are serving in the armed forces must submit a document from the management agency or unit certifying that their Marriage to a foreigner is not contrary to the regulations of that branch;

Notarised copy: 01

Suppose the marriage registration requester is working, studying, or working abroad for a definite term. In that case, they must submit a certificate of marital status issued by the Consular representative office of Vietnam.

Notarised copy: 01

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