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Divorce Lawyers in Vietnam

When your marriage is likely to come to an end, it can be difficult to deal with emotional aspects on your mind. However, organising your thoughts is important in order that you can have suitable decisions related to your assets and children and other issues of your family in the divorce process.

Divorce Lawyers in DBLegal have years of  experience and legal expertise to assist the clients related to their divorce case. We help the clients understand the legal requirements to obtain the divorce and step to step through the court procedures, including: having the proper division of marital assets, custody, living arrangements of their children. It can take time to sort out if all issues like agreeing a financial settlement, dividing property and matters involving children are have same opinions from both husband and wife.

In case, husband and wife have not an agreement about all issues related their marriage, the court will adjudicate and this adjudication have legal valuation and force to have an implementation with husband and wife. The divorce process usually may take between  6 to 12 months to complete, depending on the complexity of the properties and the rights of taking care children.

Our divorce services will include:

-Assisting to prepare the lawsuit petition and other documents related to the divorce case;

-Submitting the application to the court;

-Representing to work with the court;

In the divorce proceeding, our divorce Lawyers will represent the clients in working with the court of all level. For the case  having the foreigners, the application will send to the People’s Province Court. In deciding on the division of matrimonial assets and properties, the court will take into consideration various factors, including: the extent of the contribution made by each parties, the housework is like the job earning money, the original of the assets (was presents or inherit, etc.). Therefore, our advice is that the clients need to collect all documents in support of your claim as these will have to be shown in the court.

Our mission is to help many individuals, both Vietnamese and international clients, navigate through sometimes tedious and complicated legal proceedings in order for them to move forward positively.


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