Coverting the Driver's Licenses in Vietnam/Changing the Driver's Licenses in Vietnam

Foreigners who drive motorbikes or cars in Vietnam must obtain a driver's license according to the Law of Viet Nam. If the foreigners have driver's licenses in their country, they can convert these licenses to use in Viet Nam.

The application for converting the driving licenses for foreigners in Viet Nam as follows:

- A written translation of the driver's license in Vietnamese guaranteed in quality by a notary office or Embassy Consulate in Vietnam where the translator works, affixed with a stamp on adjoining edges of pages and a copy of the driver's license; in case of any question found, the licensing agency shall issue a written request to the Embassy or Consulate for verification;

- The copy of the passport (passport number, full name, passport photo, validity period, and page of entry visa to Vietnam), people's identity card, citizen's identity card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, or a photocopy of the Permanent Residence Card, Temporary Residence Card, stay permits or the papers proving the foreigner's long-term residence in Vietnam; in case of any question found, the licensing agency shall issue a written request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Immigration Department affiliated to the Ministry of Public Security and the Immigration Office affiliated to the Public Security station at the provinces for verification;

- 02 pictures (3x4 or 4x6 size);

- The Temporary Residence Card

The duration will be 7-10 working days.

At DB Legal, we can help our clients change their driver's licenses in Vietnam in the shortest time according to the Law of Vietnam.


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