List Of Facilities Requiring Fire Management

August 28, 2023 | Legal Updates

Enclosed with the Government's Decree No. 136/2020/ND-CP dated November 24, 2020

1. Premises of regulatory bodies at all levels.

2. Apartment buildings; tenement houses, dormitories; mixed-use buildings.

3. Junior kindergartens, senior kindergartens; primary schools, lower secondary schools; upper secondary schools, multi-level secondary schools; colleges, universities, academies; post-secondary schools; vocational schools; continuing education institutions; and other educational institutions established under the Education Law.

4. Hospitals: polyclinics, clinics, sanitariums, physical rehabilitation facilities, orthopedic facilities, nursing homes, epidemic prevention and control facilities, medical centers, and other healthcare facilities established under the Law on Medical Examination and Treatment.

5. Theaters, cinemas, circuses, convention centers, cultural centers, karaoke facilities, nightclubs, bars, clubs, beauty clinics, massage shops, theme parks, zoos, and aquariums.

6. Markets; shopping malls; supermarkets; department stores; convenience stores; restaurants and eateries.

7. Hotels, guesthouses, rented houses, and other types of lodgings established under the Law on Tourism.

8. Workplaces of enterprises and socio-political organizations.

9. Museums, libraries; exhibits; storage facilities, bookstores, fair facilities; religious establishments.

10. Post offices, broadcasting and telecommunications facilities, information equipment housing units, data storage and management centers.

11. Stadiums, arenas, sports centers, racing tracks, shooting ranges, and other sports facilities established under the Law on Physical Training and Sports.

12. Airports, air traffic control towers; wharves of seaports, dry ports; inland ports; coach stations; rest stops; rail stations; aerial passenger tramway terminals; subway facilities; motor vehicle registration facilities; automobile, motorcycle, and moped trading and maintenance facilities.

13. Automobile garages and parking lots established under the law.

14. Road tunnels and railway tunnels of at least 500 m.

15. Nuclear facilities; facilities for producing, trading, preserving, and using industrial explosives and explosive precursors; industrial explosive and explosive precursor storage; industrial explosive and explosive precursor import and export ports; weapon and combat gear storage.

16. Facilities for extracting, processing, producing, transporting, trading, and preserving petroleum, petroleum products, and gas on land; petroleum and petroleum product terminals, gas terminals; petroleum, petroleum product, and gas import and export ports; filling stations, flammable liquid stations; gas stations.

17. Industrial facilities with grades A, B, C, D, or E risk of fire and explosion.

18. Power plants; electrical substations with a voltage of at least 110 kV.

19. Tunnels with production, storage, and use of flammable materials and explosives; storage of flammable goods or non-flammable goods contained in flammable packaging; flammable goods and scrap yards with an area of at least 500 m2.

20. Facilities, besides those mentioned from section 1 to section 19, have internal filling stations or use internal gas supply systems with a total weight of gas used of at least 70 kg.

21. Mixed-use houses involved in trade of flammable goods or substances or goods contained in flammable packaging of household./.

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