Please let me know the conditions for marriage registration in Vietnam?

Question: Dear DB Team, I am a foreigner living in Hoi An, Viet Nam. Vietnamese Girl and I want to get married in Viet Nam. Please let me know the conditions for marriage registration in Vietnam. Thank you so much.


Thank you for your email.

For your questions, DB Legal – Law Firm in Da Nang, Vietnam answers as follows:

According to Article 8 of the Law on Marriage and Family, the Conditions for getting married in Vietnam are:

a /The man is full 20 years or older, the woman is full 18 years or older;

b/ The marriage is voluntarily decided by the man and woman;

c/ The man and woman do not lose the civil act capacity;

d/ The marriage does not fall into one of the cases prescribed at Points a, b, c and d, Clause 2, Article 5 of Law on Marriage and Family, including:

+ Sham marriage or sham divorce;

+ Underage marriage, forcing a person into marriage, deceiving a person into marriage, obstructing marriage;

+ A married person getting married to or cohabitating as husband and wife with another person, or an unmarried person getting married to or cohabitating as husband and wife with a married person;

+ Getting married or cohabitating as husband and wife between people of the same direct blood line; relatives within three generations; adoptive parent and adopted child; or former adoptive parent and adopted child, father-in-law and daughter-in-law, mother-in-law and son-in-law, or stepparent and stepchild;

+ Demanding property in marriage;

+ Forcing a person into divorce; deceiving a person into divorce; obstructing divorce;

+ Giving birth with assisted reproductive technology for commercial purpose, commercial gestational surrogacy, prenatal sex selection, cloning;

+ Domestic violence;

+ Taking advantage of marriage and family rights for human trafficking, labor exploitation or sexual abuse or committing another act for self-seeking purposes.

* The state does not recognize marriage between people of the same sex.

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