Investment in Solar Power in Vietnam

November 19, 2017 | News

Viet Nam has a great potential for solar power in comparison with other countries in Asia. However, this power is not developed appropriately to gain the maximum profit, then it will be a promising area for the foreigner investors who intend to do business in Vietnam.

Currently, the foreign investors may not set up a FDI company in the electricity area. They can invest by buying the shares or capitals in the Vietnamese company or via the cooperation contracts. The investor who would like to operate the electricity have to have the licenses for electricity generation.

Applications for licenses for electricity generation as follow:

1. An application form for electricity operating license;

2. A copy of enterprise registration certificate obtained by the applicant.

3. A summary of resumes of direct technical manager, team leader of the power plant; copies of graduate degrees, electrical safety cards and operation certificates that are issued by the controlling regulator to the team leader under the National Electricity System Regulation issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

4. A copy of the decision on approval for power plant project or policy of issued by the competent authority.

5. A copy of the decision on approval for environmental impact assessment report or a document certifying the plan for protection of power plant project’s environment issued by the competent authority as prescribed in law on environment.

6. A copy of the power purchase agreement.

7. A list of equipment and devices with strict requirements for labor safety and the investor’s undertakings to use them in accordance with regulations of law.

8. A copy of the acceptance report on fire safety system that is made in accordance with law on fire safety.

9. A copy of the decision on approval for reservoir operation procedures issued by the competent authority (in case of hydroelectric plant).

10. A copy of the process of cooperation between power plant and electric system regulation units.

11. A copy of the acceptance report on information technology infrastructure, communication infrastructure serving electricity market operation as prescribed; a copy of the acceptance report on SCADA system serving the electricity system and electricity market operation as prescribed.

12. A copy of the acceptance report on hydroelectric dams; a registration for dam safety that has been sent to the competent authority; a plan for safety of dams and dam lowlands as prescribed; a report on dam testing (if it is the due date for testing of the hydroelectric dam).

At least 30 days before the date on which the business is officially put into operation, the electricity-generating organization have to submit an adequate application for electricity operating license.In case of applications within the licensing authority of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Electricity Regulatory Authority: to be processed on the online public service website. If an electronic application has large capacity or any document thereof is not allowed to be sent online as prescribed by law, it can be submitted in person or by post. In case of applications within the licensing authority of the People’s Committees of provinces and central-affiliated cities: to be submitted in person, by post, or on the website of the issuing authority.



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